opiino: Attach failed! error=-1 ifvp=0000000000000000

By default, Oracle services are created and run under the local system account. I’m not entirely sure the reason for that, but one reason I can think of is so that processes from within the database can only write to the local system and not anywhere else.

For that reason, you may have a process in your database where you would like to write information to a fileshare. For example, you have scheduled jobs which run overnight and write files out to an Oracle Directory, and you want this directory to reside on a fileshare so that the files can be picked up by another process. If this is your scenario, you will not be able to do so while you have the Oracle service running as under a local system account.

So you go away and create a new user who has privileges as an administrator on the local machine and you grant read/write access to that user over the fileshare. You change the Oracle service to run as that user and start the database – you are running a 9i database by the way. Everything all works fine….Until you upgrade the database to 10g!

So, what now happens is that you get the error message above. The strange thing is that you can log in as the SYS user but you cannot log in as any other user. After much time spent around the system admins desk telling him that he hadn’t set up the user correctly, it turns out that he had!

The symptoms gave it away really. I could log in as the SYS user using a bequeath connection to the database, but not as any other user who was connecting via the listener. So, I changed the account running the listener to the newly created one instead of the local system account and it all worked.

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