How to logoff a User from a Windows Server

log user off Windows server forcefully

As with so many other things, there are multiple ways to do this. This is the easiest:

1. Log onto another server
2. START -> Administrative Tools -> Terminal Services Manager
3. right click on “All Listed Servers”, and select “Connect to Computer…”
4. Type the name or IP address of the server that you would like to look at and then log off, disconnect, etc the user that you want to

windows server sessions

Check which users are logged onto a Windows server

Logoff a User Forcefully From Windows Server

Now, this is not always possible due to the network settings and firewalls, etc which determine which servers can see one another. If this is not possible, you can try the following:

1. qwinsta /server:<server ip>
2. rwinsta <ID> /server:<server ip>

The first command will show you which users have a session on <server ip> and the second one will allow you to kick that user’s session off by supplying an <ID>.

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