Which Process is my Oracle Service – Task Manager

When you can’t work out which process belongs to which DB service in a Windows environment, there are two easy ways to work it out:

1. PID Identification

find PID from task manager. Add the visible column from the options menu if it’s not shown

run this command from command prompt

tasklist /svc /fi “pid eq <PID>”

2. Process Explorer

Process Explorer is a small program which runs and identifies all processes on the server. It’s very handy to use before patching the Oracle home because you can see if there are any programs which are actively using any of the DLL files which need to be overwritten as part of the upgrade process.

Once running, you can search for the files you are interested in. For example, you can see which datafiles are locked and it will show you which process it is. You can right click and select end process from the program, also.

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