SP2-0714: invalid combination of STARTUP options

I was recently carrying out an Oracle database 9i to 10g  upgrade. It was version and I was upgrading to

I was completing the upgrade on a Windows server which already had an Oracle 9i software installation on it, so it was dual homed. On  Windows boxes there is an environment variable called ‘PATH’ and this helps,  for example, to decide which Oracle home has precedence over another one.

If you get the “SP2-0714: invalid combination of STARTUP  options” error, then it could be because you have connected to the database  with the 9i client but you should be using the 10g one.

From a command prompt, type PATH and you will see what your PATH is set to. It DOES matter what order the paths are in. If you want to  change it you can either type it directly at the command prompt with:

PATH=<path variables>

or you can do it through My Computer:

START -> right click My Computer -> Advanced tab ->  Environment Variables -> System Variables -> Path -> Edit

Change the PATH to whatever you want it to be and click apply.

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