What’s Holding a Lock on my Oracle dll Processes?

You are probably familiar with the scenario; you’re applying an Oracle interim patch using the Oracle OPatch utility and you’ve followed the instructions to the letter. You run the next step,¬†opatch apply. You are then greeted with an error message stating that OPatch was unable to overwrite some Oracle dll files because you other processes are still using them. How frustrating!

You double check everything and you can see that you’ve shutdown all services and followed the steps as you should do. So, what’s the answer? Well, it can be a number of things. In my experience it can usually be nailed down to a scheduled task or SQL Plus session that has hung or not been killed or shutdown cleanly.

What can you do about your locked Oracle dll processes? If you are using Windows, you can get a tool called process explorer. Then, shutdown all your Oracle processes as you would do normally. Once complete, and you are ready to run the OPatch utility, start up process explorer and perform a search for “Oracle”. This will show you any processes that hold locks on any Oracle files. Then kill the process if you can to remove the locks. Complete this step until there are no locks left and run your OPatch utility.

Good luck!

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