ORA-07445 exception encountered: core dump ACCESS_VIOLATION

While upgrading an Oracle database from 9i to 10g, I got the  following error message. This was completed after having just restored the 9i  database from an RMAN backup.

The database was started using the STARTUP UPGRADE option.  This error was seen when running the catupgrd.sql script and taken from the  alert log.

ORA-07445: exception encountered: core dump  [ACCESS_VIOLATION] [.kgghash+1216] [PC:0xBEF9F40] [ADDR:0x1] [UNABLE_TO_READ]  []

The reason for this error message was because there were no  TEMP files in the database, and this is required to run the catupgrd.sql  script. Check if you have TEMP files using:

SELECT file_name
FROM dba_temp_files;

If there aren’t any, use:


Read more about how to drop Oracle TEMP files and TEMP space monitoring.

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