Use RMAN to Recover a Physical Standby Database

Read section 12.7.1 in the the Oracle documenttion first. I used this for a slightly different reason than is documented in that link, but it gives good details about what you need to do.

I had attempted to flashback the database but after flashing back the DBs (one OLTP and one DataWarehouse) from being in a read/write state on our physical standby DBs, they seemed to become broken for some reason. The reason I still don’t know, but one of the symptoms was that the DB was looking for archivelog sequence number 1.

I completed every stage as described in the above link, but it didn’t work so I went back and repeated steps 5 and 6 and then started recovery again and this worked.

All of the backup work was completed on another physical standby database and not on Production. I did try this once when the physical standby database was open in read/write mode for one of the DBs and it didn’t work for this one. But on the other database only recovery was stopped, so it was left as a physical standby DB and it worked in this case.

Step 5

— Make sure this is the bottom directory, i.e. there are no sub folders within this directory.

CATALOG START WITH 'M:\oracle\TEST\forstandby';

Step 6

allocate channel c1 device type disk format =  'M:\ORACLE\TEST\forstandby';
allocate channel c2 device type disk format =  'M:\ORACLE\TEST\forstandby';
allocate channel c3 device type disk format =  'M:\ORACLE\TEST\forstandby';
allocate channel c4 device type disk format =  'M:\ORACLE\TEST\forstandby';
allocate channel c5 device type disk format =  'M:\ORACLE\TEST\forstandby';
allocate channel c6 device type disk format =  'M:\ORACLE\TEST\forstandby';

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