Real Application Testing option is not available

The Problem

You want to use Real Application Testing to capture and replay load against your Oracle database to test the effect of changes that you make. In the Enterprise manager you go to the “Software and Support” tab and click on “Database Replay” under the “Real Application Testing” header and you receive the following error message:

Real Application Testing option is not available.

The Cause

This licensable option has not been installed with the Oracle software.

The Solution

Start up the Oracle Universal Installer and go through the screens, selecting the custom installation. You will come to a screen which displays which products have been installed and which have not. Under the Enterprise Edition options select the Real Application Testing box and install it.

You will need to restart the Oracle DB, and most likely the Windows service if you are running Windows, for this to then be useable.

You many find that the option is greyed out in the Enterprise Manager, and that the above method for enabling it does not work. If this is the case then read my other article on how to enable Real Application Testing

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