ORA-15567: replay user encountered an error during a sanity check

The Problem

I was playing around with Real Application Testing (RAT) on my Oracle 11g database. I had captured a workload from my production database and was attempting to replay the workload into a development database which was a copy of PROD.

While attempting to connect the workload replay client to the database, I received the following error message:

Errors in file:
ORA-15567: replay user <username> encountered an error  during a sanity check

The Cause

This happened because the user requires the DBA privilege in  order to replay the workload.

The Solution

I decided that I would create a new user just for replaying the workload so that I could keep everything separated out from the main application. The user requires the DBA privilege, which is a very highly privileged user, so it doesn’t cause any issues to just create a new one. In addition, it’s easy to drop the user straight afterwards and not have to leave a potentially dangerous  privilege granted to an application user which other users may log on as.

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