Error – Real Application Testing option is not available

The Problem

You want to make use of Real Application Testing (RAT) in your 10g DB (this may apply to 11g as well but I haven’t had the same issue there), but it is not available in Enterprise Manager. You can check this by going to the targets -> Database -> Software and Support -> Database Reply (Under the Real Application Testing header). If this is greyed out or when you click it you get a message saying “Error – Real Application Testing option is not available.” then you know that it’s not enabled in your database.

In addition, you can check the v$option view and see what status it has:

FROM v$option
WHERE parameter = ‘Real Application Testing’;

————————————————– ——
Real Application Testing FALSE

The Cause

In my case we did previously have this option installed but then we removed it due to licensing issues. Now that we have the licenses we want to turn it on again. We had removed this option by using the Oracle Universal Installer (OUI) to de-install RAT so I thought it would be the way to enable it again, but it is not. The option doesn’t even appear in the list under the Enterprise Edition Options anymore within the installer.


Check in the Oracle_Home\bin directory for a file called:

You may see an orarat10.bak file. If so, rename the orarat10.bak to orarat10.dll, re-start the DB and the Windows service if you are running on the Windows OS then check to see if the v$option for RAT is turned back on.

If you don’t have a file called orarat10.dll or orarat10.*, which I didn’t in 2 out of 3 of my software installations, you can copy it across from another Oracle home of the same version which does have it in. If you don’t have it at all then you could install a fresh version of the Oracle 10g software into a new home somewhere temporary, making sure that you install all of the options, and take the file from that and copy it in.

There is also another way to enable Real Application Testing on which you can read about if this one doesn’t work.

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