ORA-00600: [32695], [hash aggregation can’t be done]

The Problem

You are running a SQL query and come across the following error message:

ORA-00600: internal error code, arguments: [32695], [hash aggregation can’t be done], [], [], [], [], [], []

The Cause

You may be hitting Bug 6471770 or Bug 5893340. You can check these out on Metalink for more detail.

It does depend on the Oracle version you are running, I was running I found that group by queries were failing when a large amount of data was being sorted using a hashed group by clause.

The Solution

You can try re-writing the query or disable hash group-by, by setting the following:

“_gby_hash_aggregation_enabled” to FALSE

You can also use a hint if you don’t want to change a parameter at the instance level, which is understandable.


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