00600: internal error code, arguments: [rworupo.1]

The Problem

I am running Oracle version, patchset 3 which is the base release patchset for on Windows.

We received an Oracle Ora-00600 error message just the other day which is always cause for concern. The error message we received was:

00600: internal error code, arguments: [rworupo.1], [10], [7], [], [], [], [], []

The Cause

Bug 8565484 is an exact match, but this is closed as a duplicate of an unpublished bug 5095251 with a description of “ORA-600[kzrtgpp – kxfxSlaveSQL] on PQ with VPD policy (Doc ID 5095251.8)”.

The Solution

This issue is fixed in : (Base Release) (Server Patch Set)

There are patches for the bug 5095251 but unfortunately not available for windows platforms. So, if you are running another platform go and have a look on Metalink to download the patch.

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