Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid (lock)…HTTP Error 500

After having our 10g Grid control Enterprise Manager system set-up and working well for many months, we started to see issues with  slowness, occasional timeouts on the web pages and jobs becoming suspended more and more frequently and in what seemed to be a random pattern. We were also receiving errors like the below when attempting to load up a page:

“HTTP Error 500 Internal server error”

Intermittent issues like this are very hard to diagnose and usually require a breakthrough moment which helps to solve the problem. Today,  I had one of them…We received an alert saying that the disk space had fallen below a certain threshold on the server where the 10g Oracle Management Service (OMS) lives. I found that the following logs were massive in size:

D:\oracle\oms10g\j2ee\OC4J_EM\log\OC4J_EM_default_island_1\default-web-access.log               D:\oracle\oms10g\j2ee\OC4J_EM\log\OC4J_EM_default_island_1\em-application.log               D:\oracle\oms10g\Apache\Apache\logs\access_log

I stopped the OMS, cleared down the logs and restarted the OMS. Now everything looks OK…for now.

You can read more about this issue and how to configure automatic log rotation for the above logs in Metalink article 339819.1.

You may find that you run into other issues if you have low disk space on the drive where you Oracle management agent resides, such as Collection Status: Disabled by Upload Manager

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