Oracle 10g Agent Doesn’t Start on Windows Server

I ran into a problem the other day where the Oracle  Enterprise Manager 10g Agent would not start. This was on a Windows Server ia64,  which was dual homed; Oracle 9i & Oracle 10g homes.

I had only just installed the Oracle 10g agent, and I  already had a 9i agent installed and running. This was not on the same server  as the OMS, it was a separate machine.

I found that the reason the Oracle 10g agent would not start  was because of some problem with the jdk version within the Oracle 10g home. I  have no idea why it happened, perhaps it was a faulty installation or there  were files missing from the original file. The same thing happened on several of  the servers where I installed the Oracle 10g agent, but at least it’s  consistent…

Anyway, I renamed the jdk folder in the Oracle 10g home so  as to keep a backup. Next, I copied the jdk from the Oracle 9i home –  D:\Oracle\Ora92\jdk – to the Oracle 10g agent home – D:\Oracle\Product\10.2.0\db_1\jdk.  Then I started the Oracle 10g agent service and it worked fine.

If you have experienced this problem, or anything similar,  and know why the jdk version doesn’t seem to be the correct one let me know.

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