Oracle Agent Ports

To put it simply, I have found that you need to have the following ports open in order to get Oracle’s Enterprise Manager to work:

  1. Port 1754 (from OMS to DB)
  2. Port 7772 (from DB to OMS)

The above refers to the Oracle Management Server (OMS), which is where the Oracle software for Enterprise Manager is installed. This may or may not be the server where you have installed the repository (if you have one). DB just refers to the DataBase (DB) server.

I believe that these are the generic ports, but that it may be other ports that need opening. It might be that you require additional ports opening, but that all depends on your set-up and what you are running. Of course you can run using different ports.

In order to test whether the ports are open, and before you go and annoy the network team, try a telnet connection using that port, E.g.
cmd> telnet 1754

This would check that port 1754 was open on IP address

More information can be found in the online Oracle documentation, in the various user guides dedicated to this topic.

If you have managed to get this working but are having issues with the agent, have a read of my article on why the Oracle 10g agent won’t start.

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