Oracle 11g Enterprise Manager Agent Tracing

If you are having issues with your Oracle 11g agent, perhaps you are experiencing high CPU load from a perl.exe process, then you may want to turn tracing on in order to upload the details to Oracle support. Here is how you go about doing that:

Create Backups of Configuration Files

1. Backup agent11g/sysman/config/emagentlogging.properties

2. Backup agent11g/sysman/config/emd.properties

Enable Agent Tracing

3. Open agent11g/sysman/config/emagentlogging.properties

4. Locate the following line:

log4j.rootCategory=WARN, emagentlogAppender, emagenttrcAppender

5. Change WARN to DEBUG

6. Open agent11g/sysman/config/emd.properties

7. Locate the following line:


8. Change WARN to DEBUG

9. Stop the agent:

agent11g/bin> emctl stop agent

10. Clear out agent logs from agent11g/sysman/log – keep a copy just in case

11. Start the agent

agent11g/bin> emctl start agent

12. Reproduce the problem

Disable Tracing

13. Revert changes in emagentlogging.properties and emd.properties (restore to backup) in order to remove tracing

14. Again, restart the agent

15. Trace files can now be found in agent11g/sysman/log

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