Error from SQLPLUS 255

The Problem

When running a job from the Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid  Control, I kept getting the error message:

Error from SQLPLUS: 255

The target was valid and up, along with the agent and  everything looked OK. Jobs were also working fine for other targets on the same  host, using the same Oracle management agent.

The Cause

The problem was that the incorrect Oracle Home was set in  the configuration for the target…The Oracle Home value can be picked up when  the targets are first discovered, and if you have multiple Oracle Homes on the  same server then it is quite possible that it will pick up the incorrect one.

The Solution

In Oracle 11g Enterprise Manager you can go to Targets ->  Databases and then select the radio button next to the database you want to  configure and hit the “Configure” button. Then manually change the  Oracle Home so that it is correct. This should fix the issue.

Metalink note 402204.1 has more information about this  issue.

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