ORA-16146 Standby Destination Control File Enqueue Unavailable

When configuring your database using data guard, it is recommended in the Oracle documentation that you set the log_archive_dest_2 parameter on the physical standby database to a value that it will take if it were to be running in the primary role mode. This is so that at failover/switchover time, you have fewer things to worry about and change before the logs start shipping to the now standby database (the one which was the primary). However, I have found that when you have the log_archive_dest_state_2 set to ENABLE with this parameter set you will receive the following error message in the alert log:

ORA-16146: standby destination control file enqueue unavailable

I don’t think that it causes too much of a problem, but it’s not nice to continually have errors thrown in the alert log, particularly if you have the Enterprise Manager send you notifications of when such events occur. So, in order to prevent this, I changed the value for the log_archive_dest_state_2 parameter to DEFER.

In my scenario, we never fail over the DBs so I won’t have to manually change this until such a time. However, if you are switching roles regularly then it might be worth leaving the setting to ENABLE so that it makes life easier for you.

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