The Job Coordinator and Job_queue_processes

If you are running jobs within the database by using the DBMS_JOB package to submit your jobs to the job queue, you will no doubt know that the job_queue_processes parameter is responsible for determining how many jobs can run at the same time.

Each job which runs within the database will be viewable from the v$session dynamic view. The processes show up as J000, J001, etc up to  the number of jobs running.

Sometimes it can be the case that the job queue co-ordinator hangs or crashes and jobs which are submitted to the job queue just sit there and don’t run. If this is the case you can re-start the job co-ordinator by setting the job_queue_processes parameter down to 0 (zero) and then back to what it was before. It might be necessary to wait a short while before the jobs start again so be patient.

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Category: Database Config

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