SP2-0734: unknown command beginning “purge dba_” – rest of line ignored

The SP2-0734 error certainly made me scratch my head for a while. First off, I thought I had got the command wrong because I don’t execute it that much because we have all of our DEV environments configured with the recyclebin off.

So I went to the Oracle documentation and realised that I had entered it correctly. Then I realised what it was…I was carrying this work out on a dual homed machine, having both Oracle 10g and Oracle 11g on the same server.

I exited from SQL Plus and logged back on but this time specifying the full path to the SQLPlus executable:

D:\Oracle\Product\11.2.0\db_1\bin\sqlplus "sys/password@DB as sysdba"

I was surprised that this command wouldn’t work when using a different version of SQLPlus because I thought that the command would be executed in the database regardless of the SQL client version being used.  Anyway, this is the answer…Check your homes!

I also encountered this error when attempting to purge the recyclebin remotely, from my own desktop machine. The commands were correct but it’s not possible to execute this command successfully unless you are connected to the server itself.

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