Rename Oracle Database – NID Command Explained

You can use the NID command to change an Oracle database’s name and/or ID. This is useful, for example, when making a clone of a production database and wanting to use it in development.

You may find that when using it you come across the NID-00107: File I/O error on datafile or perhaps the NID-00137: All datafiles that are not dropped should be readable error. The articles that I have linked to before will help you to solve those NID error messages.


The commands I use to change the name of my Oracle database are below.

Note: These commands are for a Windows platform, and we are changing the DB name from TEST1 to TEST2

# Ensure you use the original SID of the DB at this point
# The database must be in a mounted state, but not open

D:\Oracle\Product\11.2.0\db_1\BIN\nid target=sys/password1 dbname=TEST2 setname=YES

# Select Y to continue and you should see all the database files get updated
# You will then need to restart the database using the new name

If you would like to change the global database name you can run the following:


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