When you create an Oracle database, two of the parameters  that you are required to specify are the MAXLOGFILES and MAXLOGMEMBERS values.  These two values determine how many redo log groups you can have and how many  redo log members per group you can have, respectively.

Now, when changing the redo logs in your database it can be  handy to know what these values are before carrying out any work. As always,  there are many ways in which to obtain this information and here are a few of  them:

1. Issue the command ALTER DATABASE BACKUP CONTROLFILE TO  TRACE; This will dump the contents of the controlfile to a text file in the udump  directory.

2. You can run a select query against the data dictionary to  get the information:

FROM v$controlfile_record_section;

TYPE               RECORDS_TO
—————– ———- 
REDO LOG                   32      –> MAXLOGFILES
DATAFILE                   30      –> MAXDATAFILES
CKPT PROG                   8      –> MAXINSTANCES
REDO THREAD                 8      –> MAXINSTANCES
LOG HISTORY              3317      –> MAXLOGHISTORY

3. To find out the number value of MAXLOGMEMBERS, you can  run another query:

FROM sys.x$kccdi;

There are more details on this subject on Metalink, under note 104933.1

For more information regarding the Oracle Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA), you can have a read of it.

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