ORA-32004 Obsolete and/or Deprecated Parameter(s) Specified

After modifying one or more database parameters you stop and start the database and get the error message:

ORA-32004: Obsolete and/or Deprecated Parameter(s) Specified

This could be when changing from a lower version database to a higher one, and some of the parameters that you had set are now deprecated. You can query the V$OBSOLETE_PARAMETER view in the database. If that is not possible, you can look in the Oracle documentation at the deprecated parameters for your Oracle version. They are in the upgrade guide, usually in the appendices. It’s also possible to use the following query:

FROM v$parameter
WHERE isdeprecated = 'TRUE';

That’s three ways to identifiy the cause of the ORA-32004 error message.

One that I encountered recently was for the LOG_ARCHIVE_START parameter which is deprecated in Oracle 10g, but I was using it in 9i originally. It is recommended to remove any deprecated parameters from the database initialization parameter file. To reset a parameter in your SPFile have a read of my other article because it’s not as easy as you might think.

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