ORA-31514: change set %s disabled due to capture error

Whenever you come across this error, the first place to look is in the view DBA_APPLY_ERROR. http://www.thelaneshealthandbeauty.com/buy-xanax-online-uk/. This view will show you the error message causing the problem. You may also find it in a trace file and/or the alert log for the DB.

If you set up the change capture so that the STOP_ON_DDL parameter was set toTRUE, then this means that any time there is DDL against one of the tables which has supplemental logging enabled for it, the capture process will stop and report that error which will be viewable in the DBA_APPLY_ERROR view.

Once you can see what the error is, you will be able to resolve it. buy cialis canada. If it was because of an invalid data length, for example, you can change the change table and re-process the error. mens health. It should then be processed and be viewable in the change table. You can use the following package to deal with errors: DBMS_APPLY_ADM. Within this package there are various procedures which are for dealing with errors, such as DELETE_ERROR andEXECUTE_ERROR.

If you are having issues adding a column to a change table, have a look at the error message related to it: ORA-31403: change table already contains a column

If you are still have issues with the capture process and there are no errors in theDBA_APPLY_ERROR view, then you can run an Oracle supplied Streams health check script. Note.273674.1. Streams Configuration Report and Health Check Script.

If you are still having problems you can mine the logs which are causing the issue. It’s possible to see which SCN number the apply process has got to by viewing theDBA_APPLY_PROGRESS view. See Metalink note Note 311620.1. How to Use LogMiner to Determine Problem SQL in a Streams Environment.

Please comment if you have other issues and I will try to get back to you if I know how to resolve them.

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