MISSING Streams multi-version data dictionary

I was testing out the effects of making changes to tables within the source database in a Change Data Capture (CDC) configuration on Oracle. I was adding columns, removing columns, etc and seeing what changes I needed to make in the destination database in order to keep everything working as it should. I then tried to drop a table, re-create it with the same name and then see if the streams data dicitionary would manage to keep pace with the changes. Sadly, it didn’t!

knllgobjinfo: MISSING Streams multi-version data dictionary!!!
knlldmm: gdbnm=DB.TEST.COM
knlldmm: objn=65998
knlldmm: objv=1
knlldmm: scn=23203686

The streams data dictionary should be updated automatically, but it doesn’t seem to be. Perhaps I’m doing something wrong. Please feel free to send me your comments: info@ora00600.com

I did find this article on Metalink about it, but I still didn’t get any further with resolving the issue – Metalink note: 212044.1.

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