Symbol file oraclsra11.SYM does not match binary

The Problem

I installed and patched Oracle to patchset version 5 which was the latest one out at the time. The install went without error and I upgraded

several of my databases to start using the new software. I then received a call from a developer who was getting the following error message when running a report:

ORA-03113: end-of-file on communication channel

I looked at the query further and it seemed OK. Also, it ran fine on other 10g environments. I looked through the trace files and found a reference to the error:

———– messages from pre-loading .sym files:
Symbol file D:\Oracle\product\11.2.0\dbhome_1\RDBMS\ADMIN\oraclsra11.SYM does not match binary.
Symbol TimeStamp=4bacb3bc, Module TimeStamp=4c2b5098 are different
———– end of messages from pre-loading .sym files

I raised this issue with Oracle support who eventually came back to me after finding another case with similar symptoms after they had patched to patchset 6.

The Solution

Patch your Oracle software to patchset 8. I haven’t managed to do this yet, but I thought I’d add this now because there was very little available on the internet that I could find in relation to this particular error message.

You may have recently upgraded to 11g patchset 5, which is what I had recently done, in order to resolve a bug where NULL values appear in CDC change tables when a space is added to the source table.

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