11g Install File Not Found

11g install file not found

The Problem

I was installing the Oracle database 11g software. I had extracted the software from two zip files which were downloaded from Metalink. Two folders were created. When running the installation via the GUI, I received the error messages below, in addition to many other similar messages.

File not found

The Cause

The installer could not find the correct files because it was expecting them to be in the one single folder and not two different ones.

The Solution

I copied the contents of the “components” folder from the 2nd set of files to be extracted into the one “components” folder in the 1st set of extracted files, cleaned up the failed install and then re-ran the install operation. This solved the problem and allowed me to continue with my 10g to 11g upgrade.

When you are downloading the files from Oracle support you will see that there are usually around 7 files. It’s often only the first two files that are required for the database software installation. These files will be extracted to two separate folders and it is these two folders which should be merged into one in order to avoid the file not found error.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you, the post really helped…

  2. chaitanya says:

    Thank you for the solution. this helped a lot during the installation. keep posting your experiences. thanks again

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