Oracle DBA Directory of Articles

We aim to provide Oracle DBAs with the information which they need to improve their skills and become a master Oracle DBA. So, please have a look at the Oracle DBA articles below and we hope you enjoy reading them. We’d love to hear what you think about them, too.

DBA Articles For Budding Oracle DBAs

  1. What is an Oracle DBA?
  2. Become an Oracle DBA
  3. Development & Production DBAs
  4. What Does an Oracle DBA do?
  5. The IT DBA
  6. Oracle UNDO Tablespace
  7. Understanding the SYSDBA Privilege

Improve your Oracle DBA Skills Articles

  1. Oracle DBA Qualities
  2. Listener Configuration 101
  3. ORA-12514 TNS Listener Resolution
  4. Oracle Partitioning Fundamentals
  5. Archive Log Mode and REDO Information
  6. Automatic Workload Repository
  7. Oracle Sequence Caching
  8. REDO Logs – Improve your DB Performance
  9. Startup Oracle – Analyzing the Command

Oracle 11g

  1. Oracle 10g to 11g Database Upgrade Guide
  2. Oracle Autoextend in 11g

Furthering your Oracle DBA Career

  1. How to Find a Good Oracle DBA
  2. Oracle DBA Qualifications
  3. Oracle DBA Interview Questions

Oracle Data Guard

  1. Data Guard Physical Standby Upgrade