Q: Where are the solutions on this site taken from?

We have built up this site through our own experiences and some of the material may have been adapted scripts that we have picked up along the way. Other advice may have been submitted by other Oracle DBAs for which we cannot verify its effectiveness. Most of the information on here is just from us having been in a situation where we need to find it out, and I’m sure that’s why you are here too – a Google search, perhaps…

Q:I have a script that I would like others to benefit from, what can I do with it?

That’s great! You can send it through to us at scripts@ora00600.com, and we will do the rest for you. Please remember to give an explanation as to what the script does and how you use it. It would also be good to add any comments that you think would be helpful to others using it. We will credit you when putting it on the site so please remember to put how you would like your name to be displayed with you job title and location. For example, Joe Bloggs, Oracle DBA, Hertfordshire.