How to Restore Schema Statistics in Oracle

It’s a Monday morning and when you arrive into work and the  customers start using your application, you realise that the CPU load on the  box is very high. What’s going on? What jobs ran at the weekend? What’s  changed? One answer: you gathered fresh statistics at the weekend and some of  the explain plans […]

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DBMS_STATS – Gathering Database Statistics

There are various thoughts on the correct way to gather statistics in a database. Do you collect them weekly/monthly/daily? Do you do it when the objects have had a certain level of changes made to them? Do you do it straight in PROD or test it in a QA environment first? In this article I […]

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System Statistics in the Oracle Database

If you can, refer to Oracle’s Metalink note: 149560.1 Firstly, you must have DBA privileges or GATHER_SYSTEM_STATISTICS role to update dictionary system statistics. Secondly, Oracle recommends that you gather system statistics during peak load in order to give the optimizer the ability to choose the best plan based on system resource usage and throughput as well […]

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