Set Timing On It is very common when developing some new piece of SQL to want to know how long it takes to run. For this you can use the SET TIMING ON command within SQL Plus. It’s very handy for a quick glance at how long your query is going to take to run. Accuracy […]

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The Oracle Explain Plan

The Oracle explain plan is one of the most useful SQL tuning utilities that you are going to use when tuning SQL queries within your Oracle database. From novice to expert users, you should always know how to generate an explain plan for a given piece of SQL. As with most things in Oracle, there […]

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ORA-22905 cannot access rows from a non-nested table item

As discussed in another one of my articles on explain plans,  there are many ways to generate them and they are a vital part of your SQL  Tuning tool kit. So, what happens when you get an error such as the one below? SELECT * FROM  TABLE(dbms_xplan.display(‘PLAN_TABLE’,’test’,’ALL’)) * ERROR at line 1: ORA-22905: cannot access […]

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