Find Blocking Sessions in Oracle Database

In this article I would like to describe how to check for blocking sessions within the Oracle DB in 11g. I used to use the dba_blockers view in Oracle 10g but that doesn’t seem to do the trick the same way as in 11. So, there is another way to find out which sessions are […]

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Invalid SYS Objects after 10g to 11g Upgrade

The Problem When upgrading from to, and applying the latest patchset, which was patchset 8 at the time of writing this, I found there to be several invalid objects in the SYS schema. I raised an SR with Oracle support who informed me that I could drop these objects because they were no […]

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Duplicate SYS Objects after 11g Upgrade

Duplicate SYS Objects after 11g Upgrade The Problem After an 11g upgrade you see the following presented to you: =================================================== Number of Duplicate Objects Owned by SYS and SYSTEM =================================================== Counting duplicate objects …. COUNT(1) ———- 4 ========================================= Duplicate Objects Owned by SYS and SYSTEM ========================================= Querying duplicate objects …. OBJECT_NAME                      OBJECT_TYPE ——————————-  ——————- AQ$_SCHEDULES                   […]

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11g High Version Count – Bind Mismatch

The Problem While running Oracle version I noticed that there were a high number of SQL statements which had a high version count. The CURSOR_SHARING parameter was set to FORCE. When looking in V$SQL_SHARED_CURSOR you will see a Y in the column BIND_LENGTH_UPGRADEABLE. The Cause The reason for this happening is described in detail in […]

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