Using Oracle LogMiner

Log miner is an amazingly useful Oracle utility. I love to use it when there is a dispute about what transactions happened and when. Alert Log Transaction Information If you have been looking in your alert log, and perhaps you are even using CDC, and have seen a number which has the format 0040.027.002c8951, then […]

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ORA-01372: Insufficient processes for specified LogMiner operation

The Problem When using CDC which interfaces with Streams and LogMiner to replicate changes from a source to target destinations, I received serveral errors. There were trace files generated for the DB where the capture process was running. In the trace file for the capture process, I got this: Error 1372 : ORA-01372: Insufficient processes […]

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ORA-01341: LogMiner out-of-memory

The Problem Having recently set-up and configured an environment using Change Data Capture (CDC), we were running through a test which was a representative workload on the main system. After some time we encountered the following error: ORA-01280: Fatal LogMiner Error. ORA-01341: LogMiner out-of-memory This error was at the downstream database. We were using Asynchronous […]

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