Essential Expert Oracle Books You Must Read

Must Read Oracle DBA Books

Would you consider yourself an Oracle expert?

Good, because that means you are serious about your career and that will always reap rewards.

My personal belief is that experience trumps certifications. It’s often the case that you learn the most when you absolutely have to. In that sink of swim moment, when your production database is down, you ride in on your white horse, covered in shining armour and save the day…

Sorry, that is just how it happens in my mind…I digress.

The truth is…

If you want to become a better Oracle DBA you have to learn. A lot and quickly. First hand experience is one way. Another is to read.

Reading and learning from seasoned experts such as Thomas Kyte, Jonathan Lewis and Richard Foote will help you greatly. So I wanted to share some of the best books that you should definitely read:

#1 Cost Based Fundamentals

If you’re going to get serious about the Oracle database and want to learn all the ins and outs of how it works, this book is a must. It’s one of those which you keep coming back to and never really read it from cover to cover.

The depth of knowledge and areas covered within it are mind boggling. He has a serious level of knowledge about the Oracle system.

#2 Oracle Core: Essential Internals for DBAs & Developers

Seen as the poster boy for Oracle DBAs around the world, Thomas Kyte is the star of the show when it comes to Oracle. His Ask Tom site receives thousands of questions and he explores a huge amount of crucial information in the Oracle Magazine.

Put simply, anything he writes you should take note of.

#3 Expert Oracle Database Architecture

Now the third edition, another must read from Tom Kyte.

#4 Oracle PL/SQL Programming

Just because you are a DBA doesn’t mean you won’t benefit from learning the critical parts of PL/SQL programming. It might come in useful when you’re trying to convince the developers to do something a different way 🙂


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